A Warhammer Online reference for beginners

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I recently helped convince a buddy of mine to start playing WAR. He has never played MMOs before. He doesn’t know what a tank is, or a lot of the other terminology and conventions that many of us take for granted. What follows is a batch of links I sent him to help get him familiar. We’re going to level up some characters in WAR this weekend, so hopefully these links will give him a good primer. That way, we can keep the explaining at a minimum, and the leveling at a maximum.

Common lingo and abbreviations – From the WoW forums. Don’t worry about the WoW-specific stuff. There’s a lot of commonly used words and abbreviations here which it helps to be familiar with. Just the first two posts in the thread.

WAR Wikipedia page – As always, when you need to know something, go to Wikipedia. Good, concise descriptions of the story behind Warhammer, the classes, the armies, etc. Pay particular attention to the descriptions of the archetypes, which are broken down into tank, healer, melee dps and ranged dps. All the WAR careers that you can choose from fit into these archetypes in some way. The article also goes a bit into the Realm vs. Realm gameplay, which basically is the war betwen Order and Destruction, which is a major part of a Player vs. Player (PvP)-centered game like WAR.

WAR guide compendium at Warhammer Vault – some of these are really crappy, but many are worth looking at to get a feel for the game. This beginner’s guide is not bad, although kind of light on info. This scenarios guide is a good introduction to the instanced deathmatch-type matches (think Battlefield-style). I would pay particular attention to the guide for each career, so you can get a feel for which type of character you’d like to start out with (see listing of careers from the Wikipedia article above). Also note that the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Blackguard are two new tank classes, one for each side, which will be added sometime next week.

Warhammer Alliance Forums – Since Mythic doesn’t have official forums, WHA has become something of the default location of much of the forum discussion on WAR. It’s where I go when I have a question. If you want specific info on any of the careers, there’s a forum for each. And just about any other topics you could possibly need.

Mythic’s Warhammer Online Page – There’s some decent information here. The Herald is basically a running news update of patches and/or server downtimes, which can be helpful. The Realm War section shows which areas have been captured by either Order or Destruction.

Massively’s WAR coverage – I first became intersted in WAR when I was casually perusing Massively, which covers all manner of MMOs. Their coverage around July when WAR was gearing up for launch was very good, particularly detailing innovative features such as the public quest system and open grouping.

My blogroll (at right) – After seeing Massively’s coverage, what really sold me on the game was the community of blogs that had already built up before the games launch. Tobold cannot be beaten for general MMO coverage, although he has temporarily quit WAR while he is in Lich King. Waaagh and The Greenskin are probably the premier WAR blogs – and they don’t pull any punches when they think improvements could be made. The other ones on there are definitely worth checking out as well.


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