Another WAR alt – I can’t stop!

(Note that this post originally appeard at on 12/8/08, but was moved when the blog relocated to this address.)
For some reason, I felt compelled to bust out yet another alt this evening. I guess I still haven’t figured out what the rotation will be as far as what alts will get play time alongside my archmage. I may as well try them all to see which ones I like, right? With that in mind, I rolled a bright wizard and started setting fools ablaze from afar.

Over the course of two hours I became somewhat comfortable with the basic skills of my new buddy. My first impression was that combustion is an awesome concept. Basically, the BW’s built up combustion as they cast spells, up to 100. As they approach 100 combustion, their chance of throwing out critical hits improves, until they have something like 35% bonus at 100. The downside to this is that the closer they get to 100, the more chance they will explode, causing damage to the player. I’m still working on the intricacies of how it all works, but so far I like it quite a bit.

Once I started figuring out that concept, I realized I can absolutely mow through trash mobs. The first PQ in Nordland I was one-shotting marauder after marauder. It was sweet, and definitely a change for a guy used to leveling with healers. Even on mobs that I couldn’t one-shot, I could usually throw a fireball and follow up with my DoT, then move onto the next, rinse, and repeat. On the flip side, if I aggro more than one mob and don’t kill them immediately, I’m going down. Fast.

Which brings me to the next part of my experience. After an hour of PvE I decided to focus on some scenarios to see how the BW’s play out in RvR combat. How should I put this? I guess I have a mixed review. Order dominated in a couple of the battles. During that domination, I was very impressed with my new toon and had quite a good time. While alive, I was causing an insane amount of damage and tossing out killing blows like whoa. Now re-read that last sentence and focus on the first two words. While alive. I think I ran four scenarios, and in the last two of them I was out of the action just about as much as I was in it. I think it was a combination of horrible teamwork and lack of tanks on the order teams (and probably a lack of skill on my part, if I’m being honest), but I got straight rolled on those last two scenarios. It culminated in a 500-10 loss in Khaine’s Embrace in which my BW was killed 10 times in about 13 minutes, most of which seemed to be followed by 20+ second respawn times. That’s right – 500 to 10. 10 points was all we could muster. It’s hard with one tank and one healer.

That last paragraph sounded a little negative as I re-read it now. Don’t let that mislead you – I have come away with a pretty positive experience after my first bright wizard experience. Right now, I would say he and my engineer are in the running for the role of number-one alt. It’s just too much fun to get in a good spot off the beaten path and take down two or three Destro before they realize what hit them or where you are standing. Burn, baby, burn!


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