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(Note that this post originally appeard at on 12/3/08, but was moved when the blog relocated to this address.)
Good day to you. My name is Schlotzky and this is my blog. I’ve been wanting to do the blogging thing for a while now, but never gave it the effort it really needed to succeed and/or hold my interest for more than a couple weeks. I’m looking to change that with this effort.

This site is generally going to talk about things I enjoy, but with an emphasis on video games. I have a pretty wide-ranging interest in games, all the way from Peggle to MMOs, Atari to Xbox 360. Right now, I’m knee deep in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, having sworn off WoW a couple years ago. You’ll see a lot of WAR coverage here as I make my way through that game. I’m also a big consumer of Strategy titles for the PC and am currently enjoying Red Alert 3, so I’ll probably come back to that from time to time. I’ll bounce around and explore fresh topics – it may even give me an excuse to buy more games (as if I needed one).

In addition to the games talk, music, movies, food, and beer will also see some attention here. Gotta keep it spicy. Maybe even a little sports, although my teams have been sucking lately, and nobody wants to hear about that (although the Chiefs did just double their win total last weekend…) I’ll try and stay away from politics as well, but may lapse every once in a while, so forgive me. The layout looks like crap right now, I know that. It will look better eventually and be a lot more functional to boot.

I’m looking forward to having an outlet for words. I realize the blog lacks a certain visual appeal – hopefully I’ll get it nailed down in the future with some flashier graphics, etc. If anybody ever comes here, I would encourage those hypothetical people to leave many insightful nuggets of wisdom, helpful suggestions, or even flames. See you guys in the comments section!


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