Move to WordPress/refocusing of blog

Well, I’ve moved.  As you can see, Schlotzky’s has relocated to Wordress, from the old  There are a few reasons why, mainly having to do with the interface and options available at WordPress as compared to Blogger.  Nothing against Blogger necessarily, I just feel the features here at WordPress fit me a little more comfortably.  Plus I’m familiar with the layout, as I used to have a blog here.  I”ve moved all the posts from Blogger (less that a week worth – I’ve only just begun!) here to WordPress.  I’m still jacking around with the site design, but rest assured it will look better and be more logical/functional in short order.

With the move, I decided it would be a good time to refocus the blog to give myself a more defined direction.  Whereas before I was going to try and cover all manner of media (games, music, movies, etc.), I have decided it would be make more sense to just go ahead and make the blog strictly game-focused.  Oh, there might be a random post here and there that’s off-topic, but by and large Schlotzky’s will now officially be focused like a laser on games alone.  Specifically, I’ve been playing a lot of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning since its launch in September, as my posts below might indicate.  Consequently, the majority of the information you find here is going to be WAR-related for the time being.  I do, however, occasionally play other games.  To that end, expect to see some coverage of strategy games (I just picked up Red Alert 3 in particular) and other random console games for the times that I tear myself away from WAR.

I’m excited about being able to write for myself and for you, Dear Reader.  It’s going to be a fun ride, so strap on your helmets, and let’s get started!


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