The Inaugural Warhammer Weekend

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Since the beginning of WAR in September, there’s been a few weekends when I’ve logged a lot of gametime. Aside from maybe the first week after launch, I haven’t put as many hours into the game in such short a time as I did over the past two days. It was the unofficial Warhammer Weekend!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that a friend of mine was trying out WAR. He and a friend of his had gotten together in person for a bit of a nerd weekend and picked WAR for their new game of choice, enlisting my guidance via Skype. He had never played any other MMOs and his friend had played none since Star Wars Galaxies, so it was a bit of a learning experience. They rolled an ironbreaker and an engineer, and I joined them later with a newly-created warrior priest. I figured I could probably level relatively quickly compated to them and catch up, and answer their questions at the same time, which worked out pretty well.

All in all, I think they logged about twelve hours and I got around 9, all packed into late Friday night (started at midnight), Saturday morning, and again Saturday night. They were pretty impressed, although I look forward to getting their sober impressions, as a sizable amount of Maker’s Mark was involved. My friend said he could definitely see losing a lot of time in the game – I think he was hooked. After they got their bearings and learned some of the basic MMO concepts, we had quite a little group going. The ironbreaker got his taunt around level 7, and after that we were rolling fools and wiping very rarely. Good times!

As for my warrior priest, I guess I came away less than impressed. I just don’t think I care for the melee healing style. It seems like if I’m going to be up close and in the fray, I should be tanking. It’s hard for me to separate the two styles and mix things up in the scrum while trying to keep everyone healed. Maybe it’s just a holdover from my holy priest in WoW, but it just seems right to sit in the back and heal people, like my archmage does. The more abilities I got, the better it was with the WP, so I’ll probably give him a few more levels; I’m on 9 now, so say maybe to 12. If it doesn’t get a little better by then, he’ll probably be abandoned.

This morning, I woke up late and decided to put in some time with my main, the archmage. She’s sitting at level 31 and had been abandoned for around a week as I played around with some alts and left town for business. I logged in and started doing some quests. Shortly after beginning, a Knight of the Blazing Sun rolled up and offered me an invite. We then proceeded to blow through 5 or 6 quests in Eataine. After an hour or so with him, the call went out from our guild leader that a keep they had claimed earlier that morning was under attack by Destro. I said peace to the KotBS, and high-tailed it to Dragonwake. We had a stellar defense of the keep walls, culminating with a deciding push when a bunch of us jumped down from the wall and ran the remaining Destro off. I must say, the open-RvR on our server seems to be picking up in Tier 4. The region chat was alive and well, as the warband leaders shouted out keep and BO updates and recruited folks to the front lines. It really starts to feel like actual battles are going on, and you can see what Mythic is aiming for but just not quite achieving. Hopefully it will continue to improve. I did a couple scenarious after the keep defense, then logged, having picked up more than half a level worth of XP in about three hours worth of play. Not bad!

One last thing to note: WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY HEALING? I don’t know if this was intentional or not – I guess I need to go check the 1.06 notes, but I can’t imagine it is supposed to be this way. Every time I heal someone with my AM, I lose my defensive target. So in order to heal up my KotBS buddy today, I had to reacquire him as my target after every spell, then press the heal button or click on his Squared icon (I use the healbot addon). I don’t know if this is an addon problem or what, but it straight up sucks. It took me a while to figure it out too, and I know that Knight was wondering why I insisted on only healing myself while he got beat down. Anyway, hopefully this is a bug and not a 1.06 “feature”.

Other than that one small speed bump, it was an awesome WAR Weekend. I may even log back on tonight while football is on and get in some more time.


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