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After nearly a week away from WAR, I jumped back into the fray this morning.  I joined my friend and we set out in Nordland to see all the 1.1 patch had to offer.  All in all, we’ve put in about 5 hours so far today.  Some things I noted:

1.  Open-RvR is alive and well, even in Tier 1.  With a couple brief exceptions, there was always a warband on both he Destro and Order side during the entirety of our playtime today.  The RvR influence system is just what the doctor ordered, in my opinion.  Giving rewards for ORvR participation was a brilliant and necessary idea.  I assume the fervor associated with this patch coming out will die down eventually, and other improvements will be made, but for now I am extremely pleased by the amount of activity.  On my other characters that leveled in Nordland, I think I may have seen 5 cumulative Destro in all my adventures.  Where it was a ghost town before, the RvR area in Nordland is now teeming with both factions just waiting to smack each other down.  We spent probably 3 hours just doing ORvR today.  And remember, Tier 1 only has battlefield objectives, so there wasn’t even keep sieging to make it interesting.  Capturing a BO and/or waiting to capture a BO is not all that fun in and of itself.  Capturing a defended BO, on the other hand, is a very different story.  I can’t wait to get my bright wizard up to T2 to start in on keeps.

2.  Easy PQs are a great idea.  We happened upon a Chapter 3 Public Quest and were just going to grind for some influence, as we were the only two players in the area.  Upon getting there, however, we were informed it was an easy PQ, and could reasonably be accomplished by us alone.  So we proceeded to do the whole thing (picking up another group member along the way).  I really enjoy PQs but have often been frustrated by the lack of population.  This change is helping to address that problem and allowing players to see more of the  interesting content that is in the game (ie. the different stages of the PQs, as opposed to just the first grinding stage).   

3.  There are a helluvalot of Knights of the Blazing Sun running around.  Seriously.  They’re everywere.  I’m talking around 70% of the careers I see are Knights.  I know they just became available this week, but I really did not expect to see those kind of numbers.  I guess that’s good because a percentage of those tanks will eventually move to the front lines on T4, but right now in T1 it’s just kind of annoying.  Oh, and healers are few and far between.  In a full warband, we were lucky to have 2.

4.  I have neglected my main.  I’m sure my guildies are wondering where I am.  I have not logged into my archmage since last Sunday morning.  I really need to find some time to jump on and get her up to 32, but I’m just having too much fun playing with my buddy right now.  Also, I don’t know if anybody else gets this, but I feel like when I log on my main, there’s this pressure from the guild to participate in keep sieging or do Bastion Stair or something all the time, and it kind of dissuades me from logging in.  I know I could just turn them down, but I kind of feel obligated to participate and do my part.  I do look forward to getting back to her soon though, as even with all the new careers I’m trying out, the archmage is still my favorite and seems like it fits me the best.  One day soon I’ll get her to 32!

So that’s my notes for today.  We’ll probably hit up some more WAR this evening and maybe even get to the point where we can move on to T2, which would be sweet.  I’ll see everyone out on the ORvR battlefield.


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