My first fortress

I was leveling my bright wizard last night, finishing off my T1 influence bar, when I noticed a couple messages flash across my screen that I do not recall seeing before. The first one said something about Stonewall Fortress lying in waste. Shortly thereafter, I saw another message saying the Greenskin fortress was under siege.

I had almost maxed out my influence, and I was curious. I logged off my bright wizard and got back on as my level 32 archmage. I was in Dragonwake (having participated in a keep siege earlier that morning), so I had to fly to Black Crag, the Greenskin zone adjacent to the fortress.

I landed in BC, and as I was making my way to the fortress, the region chat was alive with banter and orders being thrown about. Those in charge were encouraging non-40’s to stick at the enemy war camp to intercept, but when I arrived there a guild group had that area locked down. I wanted to see the fortress, so I pressed on.

Approaching the fortress, it was definitely impressive and intimidating.  I rolled up to the first door to see it was already down, so I made my way inside.  There I was greeted by a sea of green names, as the Order contingency was vast and varied.  It reminded me of a throng of people at an outdoor concert.  Not really knowing what to do, I started throwing down heals on folks.  There was about thirty minutes left on the timer, so I settled in for a good time of heals and rezzes.

Unfortunately not five minutes after I got there, the timer on the fortress bugged out and reset.  The jolly group of Order quicky turned decidedly less jolly as we made our way out of the now Destro-controlled Black Crag zone.  Definitely a drag, but not that big of a deal to me, as I was just kind of along for the ride.

I will say though, based on what I saw I am very excited to see the endgame stuff, and the RvR promises to be quite fun.  They need to get those timers figured out though, ASAP.


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