Tonight was not fun

Those weren’t my words exactly.  More specifically, “Tonight was one of the least fun nights of game playing that I have had in a long time.”.  That’s what I told my brother tonight after we followed up a game of NBA 2k9 with several rounds of Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360.

I love my brother, and I miss being able to play games with him in person, so it’s nice to have Xbox Live around to still allow us to play games from 120 miles away.  Unfortunately playing Call of Duty brings out the worst in me.  Why you ask?  Well, I get frustrated easily.  Especially when I spawn and die within less than 5 seconds.  Think how frustrating that would be.  Then repeat it thirty or forty times in the next 10 minutes.  That’s what my COD4 experience was like tonight.  Why, oh why, did they put the planes and the helicopters in the game?  I’ve never understood why the team who is leading gets a bonus in the form of superweapons that come onscreen and mop the floor with the already underpowered opposition.  If the Bulls are beating the Lakers by 20, do their field goals suddenly count for 4 points instead of 2?  It just does not make sense to me.  The other problem with COD4 is that almost everybody online now has been playing for over a year and are utter badasses.  They looked like they were playing with us out there.  Luckily we were in party chat so we didn’t have to deal with the annoying laughter of 13 year-olds, which was nice.

The problem with me getting frustrated is it stresses me out and makes me start cussing like a sailor.  I like to reign in the mouthiness around my brother because he’s got a young son, and I know he tries to watch what he says around him, which equates to pretty much doing it all the time.  I’m thinking of starting a policy of $1 per word, given straight to my brother as an incentive program for me to stop.  Maybe we’ll start a college fund for his son.  At this rate, he’ll be going to Harvard.  It would probably be better for all involved if I would never play Call of Duty 4 again.  I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.  Unfortunately, it’s the main game he plays.  I need to get him something else.

The other game we played was NBA 2k9, which I’m not quite as bad at, but still get frustrated with because he’s pretty solidly better than I am.  I never play that game unless I’m playing him or someone else in our “league”.  The quotes are because we’ve each played about two games worth in over a month.  Not that it’s not fun, it’s just not fun when you’re losing by thirty.  It’s actually a pretty good  game, and it’s realistic as well as far as I can tell.  I used to follow the NBA, but can’t name any players now except some of the stars, which puts me at a distinct disadvantage.  I had hoped getting this game would encourage me to watch some more highlights and get back into following basketball.  It hasn’t.  WAR may be partly to blame for that.  Very fun though – I would recommend it for people that know who they’ll be playing with/against.  The game seems to reward those who know what they’re doing.  Which is probably why I lose pretty consistently.

So all in all, very frustrating night.  Especially the Call of Duty 4 section, which was unfortunately the longer of the two.  I need to get rid of that game.  And I wonder why most of my time is dedicated to WAR.


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