Who are these people?/I miss college

The last time I logged on to WAR was this past Sunday.  That day was less than two weeks after the Knights of the Blazing Sun and Blackguards were unlocked for people that completed the Heavy Metal event.  On Sunday, I saw at least one, maybe two level 40 KotBS running around on the Order side.   I’m sure there were many more.

Now I know that Knights can level a lot faster than my archmage, but that is less than two weeks to level all the way to the max.  Am I just old, or does that seem like an extremely fast time to get to the max level?  This leads me to believe these people have a lot of free time, or optional commitments as it were (ie. class).

Although if I were still in college, I would probably be similarly prolific.  The irony is when I was in college I probably couldn’t afford the $15/month.  I’m quite sure that was a good thing.  I’ve often said if I’d known about/could afford MMOs, Guitar Hero, etc. in college I would never have graduated.


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