Starcraft II Battle Report #1 Released

Blizzard recently made available the first of what will surely be many “Battle Reports” detailing some of the different features and gameplay found in the heavily anticipated Starcraft II.  I actually didn’t play the original Starcraft when it was released, but being the big RTS fan I am, I picked it up a couple years ago and played through it.  Definitely an awesome game which holds up relatively well even today.  Blizzard has done a wonderful job turning it into the big competitive ordeal it is now, particularly in Asia.  Unfortunately, I never really got into the multiplayer on Starcraft, as I don’t enjoy having my ass handed to me on, which generally happens when you pick up an 8 year-old game.  So I’m hoping to get in at ground level on the sequel.

I’ve followed the development of Starcraft II casually as various details have come out.  For example, I know the same three races are around, and I know I heard they were going to release the game in three phases, the first of which being the Terrans, if I’m not mistaken.  I also saw from the first released videos back several months ago that there will be some old units and many new ones, but the gameplay will be fundamentally unchanged.  That means the games are still going to be fast-paced and exciting, which is good in my book.

While watching the video, I made some notes:

– I love the idea of a base expansion area protected by a barrier that must be destroyed by either side (1:00 mark).  That looks like it will add another bit of strategy to the early game resource race.

– It’s crazy how fundamentally different the races are, while still maintaining the balance that Blizzard is known for (I assume it will be balanced anyway…)

– Man, it’s been a while.  I may need to pop Starcraft I back in to get familiar with the races again.  I’m lost with the units and teching up.  Some look familiar, but not many.

– At the 7:00 mark, the Protoss player makes a micro move where he pulls back the unit in his group of Stalkers that was getting fired upon, causing the enemy Marauder to stop firing and chase, then getting worked by the other Stalkers.  Talk about an advanced move I never would have thought to do.  These guys are several leagues above my level.

– I know it’s similar to the first game, but I don’t like how many SCV’s are necessary – it looks like an army of ants gathering resources.  Why can’t there be two or three doing the same work instead of 20?

– Let me just say, I love watching RTS games with commentary.  I know that’s an extreme geek thing to say, but I think the commentary provides a lot of insight I would normally miss, given my relative inexperience in the Starcraft games.

So all in all I have to say it looks very fun.  This game is definitely one of my most anticipated, and this video was very well done.  I’ll be looking forward to more Battle Reports and further information on Starcraft II as it surfaces.  Who knows – we may even see the release before the end of 2009!


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