The mysterious disappearing heads (and other graphical oddities)

I’ve been playing quite a bit of WAR recently, what with being off work for the holidays and all.  While playing last Sunday, I had one session where all my graphics were doing really weird crap – most of which had to do with my Archmage missing her head!  A bit disturbing, indeed.  Here are some screenshots:

Headless Horsewoman

Then, my horse disappeared as well.  Also, notice my profile in the top left-hand corner is also headless.

No HorseFinally, I had a trippy experience in the High Elf fortress – kinda reminded me of the original Half Life, for some reason.

The Fortress of ShroomsI think the final one was probably due to alt-tabbing too much.  The first two shots I have no explanation for.  Some of the enemies I found were missing heads too.  But I haven’t seen that before or since.  Just an interesting anomaly, I guess.


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