Epic, late-night WAR

Along with the Christmas holiday season comes a much-needed two week vacation for me and my wife.  The first week is generally spent doing Christmas-y stuff with family and friends.  The second week is generally spent going to movies and either watching TV (her) or playing games (me).  This vacation also lends itself to weird sleeping hours.

With that in mind, I started playing WAR last night around 11 PM CST.  What transpired in the next three and a half hours was very profitable for my archmage, at least loot-wise.  And a damn good time to boot.  At the time, it felt very epic indeed.

I started out in Dragonwake, as usual, and looked for an open warband.  Also as usual, there was one currently gearing up, this time for an attack on the Covenant of Flame keep.  I joined up and met the group at the gate.  We sacked the keep with little resistance and moved on to Drakebreaker’s.  Here Destro decided to rear its ugly head and put up a fight.  We wiped with approximately 1% remaining on the second door, then regrouped and finished off the keep after a nice skirmish with a couple Destro still inside.  As a payoff for my efforts, I got around 4th or 5th on contribution and a with a decent roll, I pulled a gold bag!  Woot!  I grabbed my first warded piece of gear, an Annihilator Circlet.

We then moved to Kadrin Valley and took another keep, on which I got another gold bag!  Two in a row!  Interestingly, I had zoned between the two keeps and still got a high contribution, yet did not get good contribution at the keeps before and after the gold bag ones in their respective zones (Dragonwake and Kadrin Valley).  I’m not sure if there’s been a fix on the whole keep contribution issue or not, but I know I read somewhere that you keep close to the same roll until you zone or more people join your group.  (Our group was relatively stagnant, BTW.)  So maybe some sort of fix has come down.  Either way, I proceeded to pull out the Annihilator Hoeth Robe, my second piece of warded equipment inside an hour!

We took three more keeps, for a total of six on the night, before I had to log off and finally shuffle to bed around 2:30 AM.  All in all, it was a fun WAR session and although not the large-scale RvR experience that I one day hope to have, taking keeps with a smattering resistance can certainly be a good time.  I’m sure when I get to 40 and have all the requisite gear that may not keep me entertained for too long, but that day is still a ways off.


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