EVE Online continues to pique my interest

This time it was another article via Massively describing how a player lost around $19,000 in real money in some sort of illicit transaction involving EVE’s currency (Inter Stellar Kredits, or ISK) being exchanged for actual real-world currency.  Putting the stupidity and possible in-game unfairness of such a transaction aside for a minute, another issue has now come to the forefront of my mind: shouldn’t I be playing EVE Online?

I mean, with all this controversy over the games economy, it sounds like something that could really hold the interest of a person who has an unhealthy interest in virtual economics, such as myself.   (As you may have heard, the court decision referred to in the article above comes on the heels of the announcement that an exploit causing an influx of several trillion ISK recently rocked EVE’s community and economy.)  My favorite part of World of Warcraft was always the thriving economy based around the auction house, something that my current game, Warhammer Online, is severely missing at this point.  Not only that, but according to the Massively post, EVE players can trade their in-game currency for play time.  Which seems like a cool idea.

Not only the economy, but also the one-server-for-all setup that EVE maintains interests me greatly.  As I was going through Steam’s sales over the Holiday, I came across a 21-day free trial for EVE (not related to the sale).  Consider me officially interested in EVE, and my preliminary research begins now.


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