Ding 35!

That’s right, kids! My archmage hit level 35 yesterday after another focused holiday play session. Even though 35 may not be a huge milestone, considering how long it took me to get here from 30, I’m breaking out the good liquor tonight (metaphorically).  I’ve been doing a bunch of questing in Dragonwake, along with a smattering of ORvR and scenarios just to spice things up and keep my renown on the uptick.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Tier 4 PvE content; in my opinion it’s  little better than the T3 stuff.  If you take time to actually read the quest text, some of the quest lines are very interesting.  That said, I am starting to run out of quests to do, at least in the elf lands.  I’m trying to keep within elven territory as far as PvE stuff goes, so when I level my alts I keep the repetition to a minimum.

I don’t know if it’s the increased XP over the holidays or if I’m just awesome (note: it’s probably the XP bonus), but I have gone from 32 to 35 with the quickness.  It’s so much more fun when you actually feel like you can log on and accomplish something in a couple hours.  I’ve found that the RvR lake scouting quests in each zone can provide a nice one-time XP bump if you’re up for a little galloping, which is a nice way to get some crafting done and/or read your tome, which I still enjoy.  Plus, if you’re RvRing in a particular zone, just pick up the quests at the warcamp before heading out, and you can supplement your RvR XP.

I’m still planning on putting in some more holiday WAR time. If I can somehow manage 36, I can wear the Annihilator gear I picked up recently!

And let me put forth my official plea: Please Mythic, please keep the XP bonus!  This is how it always should’ve been.


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