My new WAR goal: no goals

For me WAR is an up-and-down game. I was really high on the game over the last couple weeks, then it all came crashing down Sunday night. I logged in with the express purpose of gaining some renown so I could wear some gear that I recently grabbed. I immediately joined a scenario queue and did four or five scenarios right in a row. Surprisingly, Order had managed to lock Dragonwake, so all the scenarios were Caledor Woods, which I had never played before. As you may know, Caledor Woods is a King of the HIll scenario. Unlike most of the other similar maps, however, it has only one hill to fight over. Which can be good or bad, depending on whether you’re winning or losing.

The good came first, as Order firmly rolled the first couple matches. I think I topped out at around 3,500 renown on my best trip, which is a crazy amount for me. I was feeling pretty good about myself until the next three matches, when we lost horribly. I’m talking 500 – <50 three times in a row horribly. Apparently this scenario is susceptible to a consistently wide margin of victory by one side or the other.

I said eff that and went to find some ORvR. There were several warbands fighting it out near the middle of Caledor, close to the bridge choke points. I joined in and had a good time for a while. The fight moved on to a keep defense, which was also enjoyable, though not that impressive in terms of renown gained. We drove the Destro away and waited. And waited. It seemingly took forever for the doors to come back up, and I got curious and ventured off to do some scouting/boredom relief. Well about 100 yards from the keep I got rolled by about 50 Destruction players making another push. Fair enough, I should’ve stayed indoors.

Then came the bad part. On my way back to the fight, Destruction had the path from our warcamp to the keep blocked. So, I tried to go through PvE territory. Unfortunately, I had three problems: 1) I’m still a little low level for some of the Caledor mobs, 2) I didn’t know where I was going or how to get there, and 3) the paths I tried were full of public quests and steep drops. That deadly combination caused me to get killed several times before I finally gave up and logged out, totally pissed off. I had gained 7% of a renown bar and 5% of a level (almost all from scenarios) in just over an hour.

I thought for a while on why I was pissed, then it hit me – I was mad because I was trying to level instead of just having fun. It wasn’t any fault in the game or glitch that had done it, and I’ve wasted a lot more consecutive time than an hour in this game to do a similar amount of leveling and not been so upset. The difference was the pressure I put on myself in this particular case.

So, I’ve got a new WAR philosophy. No goals. I’m not going to set leveling goals for myself when I log in. Sure, I might want to work on one area or the other, but to try and force myself to gain a renown level before logging out is not a healthy attitude for me. My archmage is high enough level in the game now that I’ll eventually hit 40 and then be focused on RvR anyway, so I’m going to go with the more relaxed attitude and see how that works out. I’m taking a self-imposed hiatus from the game for a day or two, then it’s back to WAR – where my only goal is to not have one.


3 Responses to My new WAR goal: no goals

  1. Wantsumbier says:

    How true! I had come to the same conclusion a couple of weeks ago. This game is fun, and there is no need (for me) to rush to the end game. I hear it is fun up there, but it will only be better by the time I eventually get there.

  2. Schlotzky says:

    I think that’s a good attitude. I can’t imagine T4 was too popular a couple months ago, at least ORvR-wise. Now it’s very lively. Just think how it will be two months from now…

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