PvE oddities: pulling & rapid respawns

I know I’ve seen some other posts and comments on these issues, but they’re still bothering me. There are a couple quirks in WAR’s PvE system that, while relatively minor, are nonetheless annoying.

First, in many areas the respawn rate for mobs is hilariously high. I can think of two distinct examples in the last week alone when I was trying to get to a named mob or interactable item that was guarded by regular mobs. In both cases, I had to kill 4-5 mobs to get to the objective. The mobs were consistently respawning before I could advance and attack the named mob or interact with the item. I know my archmage doesn’t burn through enemies or anything, but all that respawning is preventing me from completing my quest! Often to the point of making it non-soloable until I gain a few more levels. Unless I’m doing PQs, I’m generally PvE’ing solo, so this is a problem.

Secondly, the AI is kinda wonky. Specifically, you can usually pull one mob in a close group of three or four, and only that specific mob will be aggroed. This takes you out of the game a little bit when the other mobs don’t respond to my archmage slowly burning their friend down right in front of their eyes.

This actually led to an amusing quest where both of these situations arose. In Dragonwake there was a named NPC in a tent I had to kill, guarded by three mobs outside and two in the tent with him. I tried this quest for literally close to an hour and could not get to the named NPC without more mobs spawning and taking me out. Ironically, when I finally tried the quest from a head-on direction (instead of sneaking around the tent), I targeted the named mob from way downtown and pulled him specifically – he ran right past his four guards and I killed him alone without much of a fight. I say it’s amusing now, but at the time I would’ve used a different word – most likely one with four letters.

I’m not calling for immediate overhauls or anything – these things just seem…odd.


3 Responses to PvE oddities: pulling & rapid respawns

  1. Zizlak says:

    Most mobs don’t react on pulling..but on killing a friend. I aggroed several times a by-standing NPC when I just killed his drinking-mate.. πŸ˜‰

    Frankly.. I don’t see the point in this discussion about aggro-range, it has hardly anything to do with skill to pull a mob correctly. I think it’s odd that you can pull a NPC right from a group of friends, but it is nothing game-breaking or PVE-fun lessening factor to me.

  2. Schlotzky says:

    I agree that it doesn’t necessarily lessen the fun. Like I said, I just think it’s odd that I can pull one mob out of a group. I guess what makes it more stranger is that sometimes you do actually pull the whole group, so you never really know what to expect. But no, not game-breaking at all. In fact, it generally makes leveling faster which I cannot complain about. πŸ˜‰

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