Mama said knock you back

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now but have never gotten around to it.  After I read Zizlak’s excellent post on crowd control, though, the smile came back to my face and I just have to share it with the world.

I love knockbacks.  LOVE them.  I love dishing them out and I really don’t mind receiving them.  (Keep in mind, my main is an archmage.)  There is literally nothing in the game I enjoy more than knocking back a melee character and giving myself just enough time to either take him out or live long enough for my teammates to finish him off.  It’s one of the few weapons us ranged squishies have at our disposal.

I have not found a more satisfying couple seconds in the game than punting an unsuspecting Black Orc off a steep ledge and imagining the look on his face when he realizes it was a dinky little elf archmage that did it to him.  They never see it coming! 

Granted, the archmage knockback (Wind Blast) is not exactly awe-inspiring.  To use a sports analogy, if the Ironbreaker knockback is a 50-yard field goal, the AM’s is an extra point.  But it’s more than enough to sweep the legs of some unwary ledge-walkers.  AMs get this ability at level 25, so you can imagine the fun I had in the endless Tor Anroc runs.  I would stand at the bauble spawn point just healing away until some baddies would make their way to the summit, at which point I would immediately (attempt to) punt them into the lava.  Good times!

I imagine if I was a melee career, my view of the knockback would be decidedly different.  As it stands, even if I get hit by one, it doesn’t usually effect me (assuming there are no cliffs involved).  In fact, it usually knocks me out of melee range, which is a good thing.  I do plan on rolling a tank one day, so maybe my views will change then.  But as of now, knockbacks are good, clean fun in my book.


One Response to Mama said knock you back

  1. zizlak says:

    When I play my Ironbreaker there is nothing more fun than kicking a gobbo around.. It just seems that they are made for being kicked around 😉

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