Engies, engies everywhere!

What is going on with Engineers lately in the lower tiers?  Apparently they’re cloning and feeding.  Did I not get the memo on Engies being the next big thing?  I don’t know if it’s the same guys I see all the time in scenarios – some of the names do look familiar on occasion, but I think it’s a larger, more general movement.  I’ve been playing my alt Bright Wizard a lot lately (more on that in another post), and at least on my server, T2 is filled to the brim with Engineers.  And they’re owning.  In any given scenario, it seems there are two or three engineers that are at or near the top of the Order damage charts. 

(Yes, I’ve been playing scenarios lately, sue me.  I know ORvR is better, but I need a mount, like, yesterday.  Scenarios/questing is still the fastest way to level.  Once I get my mount ORvR will be more palatable. /tangent)
Now it’s possible that I just suck with my Bright Wizard, that thought has not escaped me.  But I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job, at least some of the time.  I’ll occasionally be in double-digit killing blows and near the (non-engineer) top of the damage charts.  It could also be that I’m getting myself too close to the action and having to waste too much time respawning, which is definitely something I’m trying to get used to.  Part of the problem is the big bulls-eyeon a BW, what with all the fire and ‘splosions.  (On a side note, I’m looking forward to rolling an Ironbreaker some day – always playing a “priority target class” (i.e., healer, BW) gets a little exhausting…)
I know that back in patch 1.06 Engineers were buffed substantially and Bright Wizards were nerfed, but was it supposed to be this drastic?  I would think that based on class type and design, BW’s would typically be outputting more damage than Engies, at the cost of survivability of course.  (Engineers wear light armor, as opposed to robes, right?)  I’m sure it’s just sour grapes on my part, as I just imagined my Bright Wizard coming in, throwing fire, and being offensively invincible.  Which is obviously not the case, nor should it be.
This isn’t a complaint, more of an observation.  To be honest, the more damage Order can put out, the better!  I just didn’t know if this was a trend or a series of coincidences.  So has anybody else noticed this phenomenon?


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