Mythic Layoffs Rumored

I found via this post on Joystiq that apparently not even our favorite developer is immune from the sickness that is our current economic situation. It has been rumored (though not confirmed – Joystiq cites unnamed sources) that a good chunk of Mythic’s QA and testing staff were laid off last Friday. My thoughts go out to those fine folks and their families, as well as those in the WAR blogging community that have been hit by hard times – I wish you all the best.

On a purely selfish note, I hope this setback does not affect the continued improvement of a game that has made some great strides in a few short months. (See, now I feel like a self-centered dick – admit it though, the thought crossed your mind too, right?)

But seriously, hopefully the rumors are just that and all is well.  But if they turn out to be accurate, best of luck to those former Mythic employees that now find themselves looking for opportunities to show their talents elsewhere. Your efforts on WAR are greatly appreciated.


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