Seven things I’d like to hear on 1/29

I gotta tell you, I am too pumped for the announcement(s?) coming our way in less than three days now.  Although it may not always sound like it on here, I am a big fan of WAR.    Big fan.  There’s a lot to like about it, in all aspects, and it has captured my imagination and attention in ways that no MMO before can claim.

Mythic’s PR department deserves a huge tip of the hat.  They were doing a great job even before the recent rash of blog mailings, but the packages sent to Keen and Graev and The Greenskin were pure strokes of genius.  (“Get to da choppa”?  That’s awesome!)  So much so that I think I’ll write about it some more another time.

But for all the great things that Mythic has done with this game, there are certainly areas to improve.  I get excited when I see room for improvement, combined with a company excited to do just that, which is what Mythic appears to be.  Needless to say, I am looking very much forward to 1/29.  Mark Jacobs has hinted there could be a roadmap laid out for the next several months.  With that in mind, if I heard any or several of the following things on Thursday, I would be one happy camper.

1.  “Slayers and Choppas are coming”

OK, so I started off easy.  Set achievable goals, I always say.  Only the most dense of us doubt the 2 careers will be introduced soon.  The Slayer class has really piqued my interest, so much so that I’m thinking of checking the Gotrex and Felix books out when I can find a time to go to the bookstore.  Of course I’ll also have to fit in time to read it between my game playing and re-reading of the Watchmen.

2.  “Witch Hunters and Witch Elves can now pick the locks of keep doors”

Of all the enhancements suggested to the keep taking part of the game, this is probably my favorite.  It is also, I would imagine, the easiest to implement.  Siege towers, wall-climbing, etc. would be great as well, but I think it would be awesome for Witch Elves/Hunters to be able to cloak their way through the defense and wreak havoc on ranged DPS on the wall before they can react. And it doesn’t seem like you’d have to move mountains, programming-wise, to get it to work.  A coordinated force of three or four WE/WH’s could turn the tide of a keep siege within moments.  Plus it gives them something to do on offense.

3.  “The Zone Domination system will be implemented immediately”

I’ve written at length about how I think the Zone Domination system will change the face of zone-locking and ORvR in general for the better.  I think it will help with mass coordination and realm pride, and I hope it will lead to more actual combat and fighting, rather than the endless musical keep-taking that seems to plague T4 right now.  I’m hoping on Thursday they announce this system is coming sooner (as in the next patch) rather than later.

4.  “We are getting rid of the gold-spamming emails”

Actually this seems to be getting better already, to be honest.  Nonetheless, a little reassurance never hurt anybody.  They did such a good job with the chat spammers that the onslaught of gold-selling mail was a bit of a shock to the system.

5.  “We are fixing the auction house interface”

Maybe not my biggest, but definitely my most consistent complaint since launch has been the sad state of affairs that is the auction house.  It’s not that it doesn’t technically work or items aren’t listed.  It’s that I can’t find those items without jumping through some pretty oppressive hoops.  Why, oh why, can I not search for a specific type of crafting item?  It simply cannot be that hard.  I refuse to believe that it is.  I know crafting is a small part of the game, but it’s important to me.  And this just frustrates me to the point of caring significantly less about the crafting systems.  Which is too bad, because, as I’ve written before, they definitely have some serious upside.  All I want to do is be able to search by crafting profession for specific types of items.  For example, I want to search for stabilizers for apothecary.  I know people generally don’t care that much about it, so I’ll stop typing about it now.  But still.  I’m of the belief (unsubstantiated of course) that once the AH gets cleaned up, the in-game economy will start to fall in line.

6.  “Siegecrafting will be a new crafting profession”

Just because I mentioned lockpicking as my first request for changes to keep sieges doesn’t mean I don’t like the other ideas that have been floating around out there.  Destructible walls and all that would be cool, but seems like a lot to implement if the levels weren’t originally designed for it.  What I think would be too sweet would be to set up siegecrafting as a skill.  No, it’s not my idea, and no, I don’t remember where I read it first, but I think it’s a great idea.  Think about it.  You could build siege towers, more powerful rams, , or catapults that could launch players over the side of the walls.  The  possibilities are vast and varied.  Put succinctly, I want Helm’s Deep.  And I want some more crafting beside talisman making and apothecary.  Siegecrafting, to me, would be perfect.

7.  “We have an expansion on the way, and here are some details”

Mythic has said they’re in the planning phase for the first major WAR expansion.  I want some details.  I don’t need a date.  I don’t even need a lot of information.  Just a little teaser.  Some grand idea to look forward to.  If some of the items mentioned above were part of it, that’d be cool.    (Honestly, the items listed above wouldn’t be right in an expansion, hopefully they would be coming out sooner than that…)

Like I said, I’m looking forward to Thursday.  Good work, Mythic PR!  Give somebody a raise!


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  2. Dream Lane says:

    I love 1,2,3,5, and 6. If those happened I would be pretty stoked about the future of WAR.

    Great Post!

  3. Kaz says:

    Number 7 is a REALLY REALLY bad idea. just look at AOC. When things were really bad there the guy in charge proudly announces that he has pulled a whole pile of people off of the live game and has them working hard on an expansion. This caused even more fury than the crap game that was released. In a way you can accept that a game has been released early and that there is a lot wrong with it, if you think that they are putting 100% of their effort into making it better and fixing the problems. To find out that they have made the decision to pull large amount of developers from live and put them on a paid for expansion is a REALLY REALLY bad idea.

    I have no problems with paul and a few of the other creative types spending some of their time bouncing ideas around, looking at what people like/dislike in the game and generally letting the rough shape of the expansion start coming together, but to even think about announcing features and admitting that they aren’t putting 100% of their effort into making the game work is suicide.

    Mark is a smart guy and has already said a number of times that he has everyone working on the live game still (as he should) Once the missing content is mostly in the game and things are starting to work, then he can pull developers/artists to start working on the new expansion. To pull developers now means its going to take even longer to get the missing cities into the game, even longer to get the fortress fights working properly, make the city fights fun, and fix the million other things that are wrong in the game.

    I believe Mark when he says he is doing everything in his power to make the game work, if I find out that he isn’t really interested in fixing the massive problems quickly and is more interested in getting more money out of my pocket in a paid expansion a few months earlier then I will lose faith (and I guess many others too) that he knows what he is doing.

    At the end of the day there is a choice, get your game working a few months faster and delay and expansion by a few months or have an expansion a few months earlier and let your game rott for a few extra months. The extra money made from not losing thes of thousands of subs because of broken content will more than make up for waiting a few more months for expansion money. If AOC had fixed its problems faster it would have many many more subs today than it currently has, not only that but when there expansion comes out they would sell a hell of a lot more copies.

  4. MR says:

    You are an idiot and completely out of touch with this game that you ‘blog’ about.

  5. Schlotzky says:

    @Kaz: I certainly don’t want them pulling massive amounts of people off the live game either. Like I said, just a little teaser would be nice. I don’t need feature lists or details on content. Just a tasty morsel, a blip on the horizon for all of us to stare at and slowly build excitement for. I agree with you – there’d better not be an expansion until 2010 at the earliest. To put one out earlier than that would definitely seem like a money-grab, as you said.

    One thing that I would change in my post – in fact I’m going to now that I think about it – #’s 1-6 should be implemented pre-expansion, for sure.

    @Dream Lane: Honestly, if we could just get a fully functional Auction House I would be happy. That’s probably number 2 on my list, oddly enough…after zone domination of course.

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. Nyyark says:

    “What I think would be too sweet would be to set up siegecrafting as a skill. No, it’s not my idea, and no, I don’t remember where I read it first”

    It already was a crafting profession in another MMO Mythic made called DAoC.

  7. festerson says:

    To each their own, but to me this list is not very compelling, with the exception of orvr overhaul. I don’t give a damn about the AH or new classes/zones. Fix what’s broken in the current build first. To my mind, that means an extensive review and overhaul of class skills and mechanics. Then fix the horribly annoying casting lag. Then fix the awful art and animation bugs. Thanks.

  8. WhiteLion says:

    With the exception of 1 and 3 this is probably the worst list of expectations I’ve come across to date. After waiting a month and more for anything relating to plans for the game if Mythic come out with THAT rubbish “mass exodus” will be the only term I can think of that would sum up what will happen to the majority of gamers with more than a passing interest in WAR.

    Mythic have huge expectations to meet tomorrow – the chances of a list of planned, sometim in the future changes and no actual implementation is very high and I worry that is all we will get.

  9. heartless_ says:

    Even though MR is a bit blunt, I have to tend to agree with him. I don’t think you’re playing the same game as the rest of us, or you are really blind to the problems that are plaguing it currently.

    My 7 would be as follows.

    1. Mythic MUST announce that performance is still their TOP priority and that NOTHING will be implemented on a large scale unless performance is up to par first.

    2. New classes, but only because the Heavy Metal event went semi-well and kept some people interested that may have left otherwise.

    3. A complete re-review of class balance, including the REMOVAL of game breaking mechanics such as magnet/rift and AOE disables/disorients. Changing them is not acceptable at this point. They flat-out break the game and need to be removed.

    4. A re-evaluation of the healing mechanic. Stop the spam healing and give healers more utility and DPS!

    5. Complete revamp of ORvR zones, including RvR dungeons and RvR PQs. There needs to be actual value added to holding a zone.

    6. Complete revamp of keep sieges. Basically, keep sieges need to be redesigned from the ground up and revolve around the PQ mechanic with multiple stages and activities to participate in.

    7. A closing statement that they aren’t going to waste development time on systems that will cause performance to get any worse.


    Pick locks is a retarded idea. If I start seeing stealthed WEs in the same keep as me, I am quitting this game.

    Zone Domination is not going to change a damn thing. Keeps and BOs can be flipped far too easily to actually defend. There is still NO reward for defending. Why defend when the only way to actively gain influence/renown is to kill players? Zone locking is just not enough of a draw to make me want to defend anything.

    Your list is just wishful thinking of things that have no place in this game. Performance has to be improved first, before anything new is implemented into this game. Mythic better understand that or players are going to continue to quit.

  10. Feaniad says:

    I still have yet to see any itemization progress; this contributes negatively to practically every aspect of the game.

    I also see no efforts or evidence that pet issues are being addressed; why they brought those issues from poor pet mgmt in DAoC over to WAR completely escapes reason.

    Lastly, I would want to see a re-commitment to making it truly as easy to level in RvR as it is Questing or doing PQ’s. There’s a big difference in XP between those game facets given the time spent doing them. Along that same vein, address the relative xp gain for quests based on time taken to complete them. NOTHING is worse than spending and hour beating down some long trek quest only to find the reward is half of what one is to kill 5 rats which are just outside the village.

  11. Syp says:

    Heartless, haven’t you just up and left WAR yet? I mean, you were so upset about smaller stuff than the opinions on this guy’s list — such as electromagnet — that you promised to quit by the 20th if it wasn’t taken out.

    These are his opinions, and equally valid to those of a person who throws a temper tantrum over one skill and proceeds to pronounce a game broken because of it. Perhaps more valid.

  12. scribbler says:

    he never called it “7 things everyone want’s to see”, even if you don’t like all of the things he says its a personal list & i imagine everyone’s personal list would be different.

    for me
    1. is fine and we allready pretty much knew it.
    2-3 are both positive steps in the right direction although they wont solves everything.
    4-6 are common annoyances but not priorities.
    7. I wouldn’t mind a hint about a expansion tbh, i think its fine for them to talk about what they plan to do as part of their attempts to improve the base game and what they consider outside that remit.

    One of the reason i really did stop playing this game for a while was because WE’s are basically glorified postern guards at sieges.
    Now if you want to suggest a well thought out way for WE, WH, WL and Mara’s (plus both new careers) to contribute to a siege other than standing around feeling useless i would love to hear it.

    I do agree there is little reward for defending atm apart from the “Meta rewards” of realm progress.

    when it comes to your list
    no1 & no7 i agree with pretty wholeheartedly
    3 seem a extreme reaction and
    4-6 i think bassically amount to a completely different game than currently exist.
    It not that they are totally bad suggestions but to me WaRs campaign has meaning since it build towards a final goal, which is citys sieges that include allot of the things you ask for.
    What WaR needs now is fine tuning not a redo from start.

  13. cydoc says:

    you are an idiot. No class balancing? You want fluff? If the expansion is the non-beta version of WAR then I’d be psyched…otherwise…we need a real game here.

  14. Ysharros says:

    Gotta love the subtle debate going on here. Nice to see so many WAR players able to express themselves cogently.

    @ you assholes who have nothing good to say about anything, try playing for once. Try looking beyond the end of your excessively e-peeened nose for once, too. The world — and MMOs — does NOT revolve around you. Jeez.

    I’d like to see more announced today than what’s on the list, but it’s a thought-provoking list. Oh wait, I think I’m supposed to say QQ moar L2P nub. Or something. I just lost some brain cells.

  15. Regis says:

    1: h3ll yeah!

    2: Not playing either of the careers but I think a change in the keep sieges would be welcome. Right now it’s just door, oil, door, oil.

    3: Something I have been wanting since release.

    4: Yea it was a while since I saw a gold spammer in chat, but the mail is horrible.

    5: Also something I have been wanting since release, it’s damn annoying.

    6: They don’t need to make it a profession, just as long as they add some more options to attack keeps than what we have right now.

    7: I could live without an expansion for a while. But I don’t have a 40 yet so that’s just me 😉

    And what the hell with the negative commentary? It’s a list of features Sclotzky want, and they are good. If you don’t think they are good you are free to say so, but not just because you think something else is more important. I don’t care what order the implement the stuff in as long as it’s implemented, and having a list with all the stuff that should be fixed is a good way to show Mythic what we want. Might not be exactly what you want, but that doesn’t make them stupid.

    Fluff? I want keep sieges to change. I want ladders, towers, orcapults, stealthers sneaking in. All of it are making a more enjoyable experience, it’s not fluff. You fear Witch Elves so much that you scared of a few ones sneaking into your fortress *alone*?

  16. Ventris says:

    Good list Schlotzky. #2 and #6 would definately change the dynamic of RvR Keep warfare. I think for the better.

    BTW – don’t worry about the haters – they can’t help being that way.

  17. ymrar says:

    I think #2 is an awesome idea. Something to rattle up the stalemate that sometimes forms up. Also something for the at least some of the MDPS to do while others hammer on the keep door and specially something to do for the melee careers inside the keep while the door is up.

    I’d also like to see the orcapult in use. Its already in Gates of Ekrund scenario. What a brilliant way inside the walls. Of course there should be a minigame, with a chance for the poor git to get killed or something..

    And to the hatefilled commentors.. I can handle you throwing up your hatred on forums, but doing it on blogs is just ridiculous.. ..and yes you are allowed to have your opinion also, nobody is taking it away from you.

  18. Jovyn says:

    Excellent list Schlotzky. At the moment I think that the most important is zone control. It will give people much more incentive to fight in RVR because they will understand how they are contributing to the war effort.

    I don’t really know why some of the commenters complain about class balance because I’ve been finding them all fairly balanced, except that the WE is more powerful than WH.

    Getting rid of the gold-spammer mail is definitely important too. This could be as simple as creating a /report mail button like they did for the gold tellers.

  19. shadowwar says:

    Resisting temptations to jump into a flame war here.

    I definitely like some of your ideas, they’re probably not top of MY list, but they are things that annoy the heck out of me at times and I would like fixed, particularly the mail/auction house. The WE/WH have needed to have their pick lock work for a long time now, it’s been sitting around useless, they deserve it.

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