I’m going down (down) in a blaze of glory

January 28, 2009

Well folks, this is it.  My last blog post.  When I started this thing back in December, I’m not sure what I intended it to be.  Kind of a personal journal.  I didn’t tell anybody about it, just kind of put it out there.

Then the Age of Blogging (AoB) came around at the beginning of the year.  I was writing mostly about WAR at the time, so I signed up.  I saw an immediate increase in traffic, which was cool, while at the same time I was getting kind of bored/frustrated with the whole blogging thing.  For those that haven’t tried it, it’s not as easy as it looks.  And I’m not even that good at it – how some of those guys/girls (see list at right) keep up such quality and quantity is beyond me. 

Fast forward to now.  I’ve got a new job that, while much better than my old one, is also demanding more of my time right now, a demand which doesn’t look to be letting up any time soon.  My playing of WAR and games in general has seen a sharp decline, and trying to write a blog a) without a lot of free time and b) without playing much of the game that it is loosely based on makes for a frustrating experience.

After I got a couple hits from AoB but was getting increasingly frustrated, I said to myself I would stick it out until I got 1,000 hits or 50 comments, whichever came first, just as a personal milestone.  I know that’s a pretty paltry sum for most of the other bloggers, but for me it’s a bunch.  Well, as of today I have flown past the 1,000 mark in a whirlwind of hits and comments.  People largely disagreed with my last post as evidenced by my comments section and this thread at the VN Boards.  Which is cool, it sparked a lot of conversation, even though a good bit of it devolved into general flames (hence the Bon Jovi reference – who got that?). 

For some numbers, prior to the last post going up I had 714 hits in total.  I was looking at making my goal sometime probably near the end of February, and I was kind of dreading it, to be honest.  My last post alone has since garnered 475  hits at the time of this writing (thanks to a couple influential links from Book of Grudges and Warhammer Vault), simultaneously sparking the flame bath and putting me to my goal.   Not bad for a throw away post written in about 20 minutes on a Monday night!

So this will be my last post on this blog for the forseeable future.  I’m still going to follow the other WAR bloggers and (hopefully) start playing WAR some more, but my motivation to keep writing about it has all but dried up.  I’m glad to have met my goal and achieved a sense of closure instead of just abandoning it.  Thanks to all of you who have visited, commented, and lent your support through AoB and otherwise, it is definitely appreciated.  I think WAR has a great community, and look forward to seeing what the future holds. 

But I won’t be writing about it.  Peace out.